Hello world!

2019-05-31 Uncategorized

Welcome to the new ITI Infotech Network website. This is currently very much a first draft, and we aim to make the site much more interesting. Your suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Pamela Mayorcas says:

    My first visit to the new site. Very excited!

  2. Pamela Mayorcas FITI MScInfSc DipModLangs says:

    Welcome to new members, Mattheus Chaud, from Brazil and Emma Gledhill, from Switzerland.

    Great to have you both on board.

    Very best wishes, Pamela

  3. Welcome to Ahsan Habib who has just joined the Network. Some of you may have picked up on my idea of a group outing – to the Centre for Computing History (www.computinghistory.org.uk), based in Cambridge, UK. Obviously not an option at the moment but perhaps we could have a video call. On a Friday afternoon? Courtesy of ITI, we can use GoToMeeting. Anyone up for that? Pamela

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